"Rarely does an author handle the often-sombre subject of global security in such a rollicking, entertaining manner. As the real world's version of big-time politics increasingly defies logic, Barker shows a refreshing knack to make sense of complex events while electrifying his readers."

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book has its roots in Iraq and its constant quest to possess and use weapons of mass destruction. The story then evolves, from Russia, dominated as it is by the mafia and corrupt officials, through to Jordan and Pakistan and onto Hong Kong, where the conspiracies of triads and other underworld forces are a regional pastime.


Having spent his career living and working in all these places, Charles Barker has come to know most of the players involved in this novel. Criminals and spies, the good and the great of governments and private enterprises, he has been there and knows them.  This book reflects his many travels, encounters and often-dangerous experiences in these troubled yet exotic parts of the world.