About the author...

Charles Barker is an experienced hotelier with a well-established career spanning the globe. He has worked in ten countries on five continents and immerses himself in and writes about, the cultures and regions where he has worked, in particular, The Caribbean, Pakistan, Oman, Russia, Jordan and Hong Kong.


Formally educated in the UK, he has worked in such notable establishments as The Greenbrier Hotel in the USA and The Savoy Group in the UK. He has also run hotels and clubs for organisations such as InterContinental Hotels, Peninsula, St James’s Clubs, The Leander Club and The Hong Kong Club, as well as many other private companies and corporations.


Working mostly in the Middle East and Asia during the late 1980s and the 1990s, he became well acquainted with the key players on both sides of the first Gulf War. Here, he was uniquely positioned to see at first hand the issues and manoeuvrings of this troubled region in the lead up to the second Gulf War.


Charles now runs a consultancy business for hotels, clubs and the hospitality industry at large, Hospitality Support & Consultancy Services.

He published his first fictional novel, The Brown Envelope Club, in Hong Kong in 2010. This book traces two stories of revenge following the first Gulf War, intertwined on both a political and personal level. It received positive reviews in the press and is available on Amazon and Kindle. Other works include a collection of short stories, Capital Tales, and a children’s book, The Adventures of Godfrey and Oliver.


The Iraqi Deception is his second full-length fiction novel and he is currently writing his third, The Sapphire Stratagem.