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The 'CORONAGRUMP' was launched in March 2020 with the intention of providing a little cheer amidst all the doom and gloom caused by the deadly spread of the Corona virus, otherwise known as Covid-19. Primarily satirical, it also focussed on the political scene, particularly in the USA, and included pictures, cartoons and anecdotes that simply reflected our times.  With many of us living in a state of isolation, this regular bulletin hopefully made you smile and perhaps even gave you some ideas to mitigate the misery. Many of you contributed greatly and I have been most grateful for your contributions - thank you.
Now, after one year and eighteen editions of the 'CORONAGRUMP', together we have finally forced Donald Trump out of office (at least for now) and it is time to focus on other matters over which to be GRUMPY! These will include overpopulation concerns, climate change, the environmental and sustainability issues on land and in the oceans. And of course, we will not forget about our regular targets in politics or fail to keep tabs on the Pandemic. But don't worry, I'll try not to become too serious.
So now brace yourselves for the new rollercoaster ride that will henceforth be known simply as,

First edition - March 2021
Second edition - April 2021
Third edition - May 2021
Fourth edition - June 2021
Grump Live!
Goodbye Grump - June 2021
The Return of The Grump - August 2021
Eighth edition - October 2021

Ninth edition - November 2021
Tenth edition - March 2022

Eleventh edition - April 2022

 Contributions will continue to be most welcomed and please send them here.

Past editions of 'CORONAGRUMP' have sadly been corrupted and are no longer available for viewing. 
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