14th February 2021



Issue 18
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Will you be My Valentine?
Let's hope for a little love and TLC in the world this Valentine's Day - heaven knows, it's needed.
The gang prepares for 
The Valentine's Day Massacre
Mitch McConnell
Marjorie Taylor Greene
Steve Bannon
rudy guiliani & hair dye running


Much is made of the first 100 days for any new head of State. They are accorded an unwritten honeymoon in which they can get their feet under the table and start their own particular ball rolling. 

But such is the strife and discord in America, Biden and his team will not have this luxury. There are just too many forces pitted against them, both on the home and international fronts.

For those of you familiar with the post - apocalypse film series of MAD MAX, this was set in the year 2021! Some prophecies are just too scary!
Here we see members of QAnon gathering for their march to the Capitol,
and just a couple of weeks later we see Ivanka Trump enjoying some entertainment with her best friends at her White House leaving party.
Well, I suppose the apocalypse hasn't happened quite yet, but with the mob waiting in the wings, I reckon it's scarily close. The photos below were taken recently in Texas; however can this be acceptable?
Some say that Trump has ridden off to be with his friends...
...but others are convinced he's plotting a come-back.
Then there was a report that the security arrangements for Air Force One had been breached and apparently there's a new housekeeper in the White House who has been acting strangely.
So please Joe and Kamala, take care and watch out. There are some very bad people out there who mean you and the free world harm. Don't let them win.
Just because the Republicans are in a spin, doesn't mean they're not seriously dangerous.
"I 'd say it's a toss-up who will be extinct first; the dinosaur or the republican."
But with any luck, as far as your predecessor is concerned, 
I suppose we'll know any day now. In the meantime, let me end this particular political Grump with a prayer, albeit a Pirate's one...
Whatever your race is,
Or your colour or creed;
Whatever your faith is
It's the same colour we bleed.
So may Grace be your harbour
And Pride your true north;
Let Faith be your anchor
And make Love your home port.
Although there seems to be a spirit of cautious optimism developing around the world, we are still a long way from getting on top of the Coronavirus, in all it's ever-changing manifestations.
While testing is becoming less scientific in some countries...
...especially those with appalling statistics,
No 10.png
and in other countries, SOPs are being taken to extremes,
the fact remains, that people are still suffering greatly, due to unemployment, closed businesses, the effect of lockdowns and of course the loss of loved ones.
What's more, we just don't seem to learn. The extract below from Samuel Pepys' Diaries 356 years ago, clearly shows that they had SOPs in those days to defend against plagues and pandemics, but like today, often ignored them to their cost. 
It seems evident that where a nation has come together to fight the pandemic, rather than politicising it, they have faired better. It is also noteworthy that most of such countries are run by women.



Most of us probably know just how complicated love can be. I have often thought that Cupid could have done with a lot more archery practice, given how often he seems to have shot the wrong people!
Art, theatre and history is packed with star-crossed lovers for whom Cupid got it wrong; Anthony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, Rose and Jack, The Phantom and Christine... the list is endless and the results always the same, with some variations.
"Will the Lady be coming back, Sir?"
The important thing for a successful relationship is to recognise when you are beaten and simply accept it with grace.
Sometimes, though, stories do have funny, if not happy, endings...
In the never-ending battle between the sexes, perhaps a computer analogy is warranted at this point. Click on below and see what happens when you try...
Just remember though chaps, as the famous toilet direction sign says,
So another edition of Coronagrump comes to an end. Another edition from which I have not become spectacularly rich, but on the upside have avoided jail, am not in a mental institution and am not yet in my grave - all in all, a pretty good month! 
My last cartoon is in recognition of one reader who regularly sends me observations about my grammatical prowess, or rather, lack thereof...thank you PD - I hope I'm improving.
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That's it; safe safe, keep well and remember, don't believe everything you hear!
All the best