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REVIEW BY MARY VINE – 10 February 2017


I really enjoyed The Iraqi Deception.


You set the scene well during the first few chapters with all the protagonists. I loved the suspense and the drama. It was a real rollercoaster of a read. I must say I had such a giggle reading it as I felt you were actually in the room telling me the tale!


I don't think you need the list of characters at the beginning of the book. I didn't need to refer to the list at all! Also, the maps were useful but think you only need one. 


I would call it a good, easy holiday read.  In the genre of an Alistair McLain/ Hammond Innes novel, not quite Ludlum yet! I loved all the different places with your intimate knowledge of most of them!  I can feel the enjoyment you had with the writing of the book. And I look forward to another Michael and Lisa adventure!


Well done!


- Mary Vine, England

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