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REVIEW BY MAX VINE - October 2019


"This is the author’s third novel in which he continues to draw on his extensive experiences of international life in the fast lane.  While you soon get the feeling that the survival of the book’s main character, Claire Armstrong, is perhaps in doubt, her adversaries are portrayed in a most realistic way and reflect the desperate immorality of the modern underworld.

The fast-action of the plot moves around the globe as we are introduced to layer upon layer of the most unimaginably evil crooks who move seamlessly in our orderly free world.  It is a wonder that such people are able to conduct their grizzly business, unhampered by all the checks and balances that most of us have to contend with.

The book’s central issue, the wanton destruction of the ocean’s top predators for profit, is portrayed in such a realistic way, that it is hard to put down, so great is one’s concern for the planet’s future.  All hope rests on the hopelessly outnumbered environmentalists, who, against all odds are not willing to turn a blind eye.

In all, a well-crafted plot containing villains so real, you can almost taste the fear they inspire as they go about their wicked business."

Max Vine, Retired airline pilot and book reviewer

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