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PATRICK DELAFIELD - September 2020

‘Like a well-disciplined and good-natured terrier that gnaws at a juicy bone from every angle, Charles Barker continues to bring attention to man’s inhumanity to man and his environment through another fast-moving adventure.


Recounted in a carefully orchestrated sequence that presents itself almost as a film-script, the story unfolds rapidly, through vivid and colourful language, taking the reader to exotic locations and introducing some of the nastiest people on the planet. Violence, death and all the spicy ingredients of a racy tale abound.


Ruthless gangsters in St Petersburg, Bangkok, South Africa and Madagascar are eclipsed by the scheming and utterly ruthless main villain, Marc Chatagnier, based in rural England. Fortunately, there’s a quietly brutal Englishman to sort things out; it’s a compelling read.’

Patrick Delafield – Past President of Leander Club, Cambridge Blue and Olympian

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