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REVIEW BY STAN SHEA - October 2019

“A fantastic read and a long-awaited novel about Hong Kong and Southeast Asia’s little-known struggle with marine conservation. In a gripping adventure, Barker takes us through shark finning, wildlife trafficking, whaling, and wildlife related organised crime. All emanating from Hong Kong, one of the greatest trade hubs for wildlife products in the world, the story features some of the city’s most infamous criminal triad gangs. And in Japan, the Yakusa competes to share the spoils.


Fast-paced and easy to read, readers can learn about many of today’s most controversial marine conservation issues, and follow ex-special forces officer, Claire Armstrong, and her companions, in their quest for justice across the globe. After a bloody confrontation in Hong Kong, Claire confronts the villains where she finds them, and readers will admire her for her bravery and sense of purpose. 


In these current times of continuous environmental degradation, Claire inspires the reader to take on the same attitude when facing our home’s multiple and often downplayed environmental issues, and protect our invaluable marine habitats and resources." 

Stan Shea, Marine Programme Director at Bloom Association, Hong Kong

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