Oceans are being plundered, leading to many species of whales, sharks, dolphins and tuna swimming inexorably towards extinction. Yet human demands to destroy these precious creatures continue unabated, and criminal enterprises ruthlessly control much of the supply chain.


Various organisations oppose the dark forces behind these barbaric trades, but with limited success. One woman, following the assassination of her marine conservationist father, decides the crime syndicates must be stopped and confronts them in the only language they understand – violence, something in which she is highly trained and experienced.


Supported by similarly qualified companions, Claire Armstrong engages in ferocious entanglements with Asian crime syndicates, soon learning that just one criminal enterprise controls all the others. Fronted by the formidable Hong Kong-based Campbell’s Trading Company, Sir Iain Campbell heads an all-pervading, sinister and secretive global crime group, Demesne.


Each side determines to destroy the other, as oceans and their magnificent creatures remain in jeopardy.

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