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I am an experienced hotelier and motivational speaker whose career has spanned the globe. I have worked in ten countries on five continents and like to explore the cultures and environments of where I live. These have notably been in the Caribbean, Russia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Formally educated in the UK, I have run hotels and clubs for InterContinental Hotels, Peninsula, St James’s Clubs, the Leander Club, the Hong Kong Club and other enterprises.

I now run a consultancy business for hotels, clubs and the hospitality and tourism industries at large. HOSPITALITY SUPPORT & CONSULTANCY SERVICES consults with both Government and Private sectors.

Fine food is a something I am very fond of. The variety and tastes from all regions of the world fascinate me and so I am particularly lucky to be married to an outstanding cook and teacher, Shahnaz, who among many other things, runs her own school of cookery, CORIANDER CONNECTIONS, specialising in Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine.

A keen scuba diver, I also have a passion for the oceans and the undersea world. I am an Advisory Board Director of the HONG KONG SHARK FOUNDATION and was actively engaged with BLOOM ASSOCIATION in Hong Kong, both anti-shark-finning NGOs. As chairman of The Club Manager’s Association of Hong Kong, I organised several environmental and sustainability conferences. I also work with other charitable institutions, including the BETTER 2 GETHER FOUNDATION, of which I am a Global Director.

This gave rise to my third novel, THE MARITIME BETRAYAL, concerning one woman's fight to protect the oceans’ most endangered creatures from organised crime and complicit governments in Southeast Asia. It is available on Amazon and Kindle. SEE DETAILS HERE.

I have since published a fourth novel, THE SAPPHIRE STRATAGEM. This is about illegal sapphire mining in Madagascar, government corruption and human exploitation. It is available on Amazon and Kindle. SEE DETAILS HERE.

During the late 1980s and the 1990s I was working mostly in the Middle East and Asia. I became well acquainted with the key players on both sides of the first Gulf War. Here, I was uniquely positioned to see at first hand the issues and manoeuvrings of this troubled region, and observe the political and military issues that led  to the second Gulf War.

Based largely on these experiences and adventures, my first novel, THE BROWN ENVELOPE CLUB, appeared in 2010 and concerned two entangled stories of revenge following the first Gulf War. A second novel, THE IRAQI DECEPTION, followed in 2018 and dealt with weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before the second Gulf War, how they were acquired and what happened to them. Both books received positive reviews in the press and are available on Amazon.

Other works include a regular satirical bulletin, THE CORONAGRUMP, which observes and comments on aspects of the Corona virus pandemic and how everyone is coping with it, from world leaders to you and me. I have also written a collection of short stories, Capital Tales, and a children’s book, The Adventures of Godfrey and Oliver.

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